May 7th - May 11th

30 Trainings Delivered by Top Experts, Doctors,

Internationally Recognized Speakers and #1 Best Selling Authors

All Focused on Just One Thing –

Helping YOU reduce the stress in YOUR busy mom life!


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If you’re overwhelmed with all the mom stuff, I get it.  And, I’ve got your back.  


I’ve gathered 25 parenting experts, each in a very specific field, to help you take back control, breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy being a mom!

I’m Madeleine Davis, I’m The Creator of The Parenting System and A Best Selling Author. Before I had kids, I had a vision about the type of the type of mom I wanted to be and the type of home I wanted to raise my kids in.  But, after I had my 3 kids, that vision got away from me real quick…one day turned into the next and before I knew it, things were out of control and we spiraled into chaos.


Not only have I been in YOUR shoes, but, years ago, I actually wore 2 DIFFERENT shoes to walk my kids to school…

I was so frazzled one morning, that I unknowingly walked my 3 kids to school wearing 2 different shoes. That led me to focusing my efforts on creating a stress-free environment for myself and my family! Soon after, I created my foundation program, The Stress-free Family System, to support other moms who were feeling overwhelmed with all the stresses of being a mom.


Does this sound familiar?


Most moms spend their days feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and default to nagging and yelling all the time!  We’re dealing with power struggles…we feel lost…we’re being pulled in so many directions…sometimes we just don’t know what to do!


I’ve got your back!


Over the course of 5 days from May 7th – May11th, I’ve pulled together Top Experts, Doctors, Internationally Recognized Speakers and #1 Best Selling Authors all focused on only ONE thing……….reducing the stress in YOUR busy mom life!



This is not your momma’s summit

I know you’re busy, so I made it super easy and actionable…….5 days, 5 amazing categories, top experts,

each sharing 5 easy to implement steps that you can do today! 


My MISSION is to help overwhelmed moms, just like you, create the high-functioning, stress-free home you can feel really good raising your kids in………so this is PERSONAL for me.  


This is NOT a pitch fest, these are real trainings.  Think of this as 'mom school'…….but fun!

You’ll get a worksheet for each jam-packed, information rich, 30 minute or under session!  

And I promise you, even if you do just ONE of the five steps in a session, you will see a BIG difference!


Here’s what you’ll learn in 30 minutes or less…..

Each day, 5 experts will weigh in on ONE Category you WANT to know about​:

  • Child Centered
  • Mindset/Transformation
  • Health/Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Strategies

You’ll hear from Top Experts, Doctors, Internationally Recognized Speakers
and #1 Best Selling Authors


And let’s face it, being a mom is the hardest job in the world! So much to do, so much to know…right?   

These experts will break it all down in

5 Easy Steps 

Monday, May 7th 2018 | Child Centered

Carolina Romanyuk  

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
5 Steps to Get Your Kids to Sleep Faster and Stay Asleep Longer so You Can Both Wake up Feeling Rested and Ready to Tackle Your Day

Janet Bonnin​

Family Coach and Parenting Education
5 Steps to Reduce Screen Time Battles and Create More Time for Family Fun

Ruth Dearing  

Children and Technology Expert 
5 Steps to Stop Stressing About Your Kid’s Safety Online, Get The Information You Need and End Internet Addiction

Jamie Goins

Mindset and Master Success Coach
5 Steps to Raising Your Child With An Attitude of Gratitude So They Stop Being Grumpy And Start Seeing The Glass as Half Full

Dr. Tamsen Taylor

Doctor and “Truth Questioner”
5 Steps to Supporting Your Kids through Your Divorce or Separation So You Can Stop Worrying That You Are Damaging Them Forever

Madeleine Davis

Mom Strategist, Creator of The 28 Day Stress-free Family System and #1 Best Selling Author

5 Steps to Optimizing Homework and Study Time For a Lifetime of Stress-free Learning


Tuesday, May 8th 2018 | Mindset/Transformation

Karen Gruber

Mama Mindset Coach 
 5 Steps to Ditch the Mom Guilt And Shut Down Your Inner Mean Girl, So You Can Finally Free Yourself From Emotional Pain And Focus On What Matters Most

Ruth Stern

M.A. Mental Health Therapist and Master EFT National Trainer

5 Steps to Eradicate Overwhelm and Stress with Energy Healing

Laurel Crossley

Life Coach for Kids & Parent Educator

5 Steps to Ease Into Meditation To Relieve Everyday Mom Stress

Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert

5 steps to Creating Intimacy With Yourself, ‘Cause When Momma’s Happy, Everyone’s Happy

Dr. Katie Branter

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

5 Steps to Taking Care of You So You Can Take Care of Everybody Else Without Feeling Depleted

Karen Gruber

Mama Mindset Coach 

5 Steps to Connect With Your Dreams and Desires So You Can Infuse Your Life With The Meaning and Passion You Crave


Wednesday, May 9th 2018 | Health / Wellness

Lisa Austin

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach  

5 Steps to Sneaking Exercise Into Your Busy Mom Schedule So You Can Move Your Body Without Spending Hours In The Gym

Justine Brown

Nutrition Coach Owner of Reboot with Real Foods
5  Steps to Meal Planning So That You Could Stop Stressing About What Your Kids Are Eating and Give Them a Great Food Foundation

Robyn Landis

Nutrition Specialist, Holistic Health Coach and Bestselling Author 

5 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship To Food And Your Body...So You Can Stop Fighting With Yourself, Make Healthy Choices Happily, And Eat For Abundant Energy

Deborah Malkoff-Cohen

Pediatric Nutritionist
5 Steps to Stop Your Child’s Picky Eating and Expand Their Food Options to Include Nutritious Choices

Ruth Stern

M.A. Mental Health Therapist and Master EFT National Trainer

5 Steps to Blissful Sleep So You Can Wake Up Vibrant, Energized and Ready To Go For The Day


Thursday, May 10th 2018 | Relationships

Rosalind Sedacca

Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach, and Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network

5 Steps to Co-Parenting Peacefully After Divorce So You Can Save Your Sanity & Protect Your Kids

Christine Baumgarten

Dating and  Relationship and Expert

5 Steps to Getting On The Same “Parenting Page” As Your Partner And Be Able To Come Together As A Team And Present A United Front

Ronnie Ann Ryan

Dating Coach and Founder of It's Never Too Late for Love
5 Strategies to Weed Out Time-Wasting Men Fast So You Can Find The Love You Want

Stella Nadine  

Certified Health and Wellness Coach
5 Steps to Reigniting the Fire in Your Relationship So You Can Connect on a Deeper Level

Claudette Chenevert

Master Certified Step-Family Foundation Coach
5 Steps To Building And Creating Strong And Healthy Step-families  So You Can Feel Confident And Empowered As A Stepmom

Dr. Jane Guyn

Sex Expert, Best-Selling Author
 5 Steps to Feel Like Your Sexy Self Again

Rekindle the Passion in Your Relationship


Friday, May 11th 2018 | Strategies

Lauren Kidd   

Time Management Wizard and Entrepreneur

5 Steps to Doing Less Chores So You Can Spend Less Time Doing and More Time Being

Angie Engstrom   

Best Selling Author and Catalyst Coach

5 Steps to Clearing the Clutter and End Your Day With an Organized Home

Jennifer Merchant

Mindset & Habit Coach

5 Steps To Replacing Your Bad Habits So That You Can Take Back Control Of Your Life And Set Great Examples For Your Children

Carolyn Caldwell

Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach

5 Steps to a Powerful To Do List So You Can Conquer Procrastination And Get Things Done

Lisa Carpenter

Productivity Coach
5 Steps to Creating Effective Boundaries So You Can Stand Firm In What

You Want And Stop Having Others Walk All Over You

Dianne Romero 

Parent Educator and Homeschool Optimization and Productivity Expert

5 Steps to Organize Your Homeschool Schedule So You Can Optimize Your Child's Education Without Feeling Overwhelmed 

Madeleine Davis

Mom Strategist, Creator of The 28 Day Stress-free Family System and #1 Best Selling Author

5 Steps to A Stress-free Family So You Can Have the Calm, Peaceful Home You Want and Feel Good Knowing You Are Setting Your Kids Up For Success