Want to get clients, get visibility, and easily position yourself as an expert in your field while building immediate credibility?

Do you want an easy way to get invited to speak on Summits, Podcasts, Interviews and Stages ?

Of course you do!


Being a Best-Seller can do all of that for you...

But do you have the time and energy to write a book? 

Do you know what it takes to make the best seller list?  

Join me...in 

the easiest, fastest and best way

to become a best-seller...

without having to write a book! !

You can be the featured expert in YOUR topic in a Guaranteed Best-Seller collaboration project.  
There are 2 options:

"The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs to Know"

Launching December 2019...Just in time for holiday gift giving!

There are many topics available for coaches wanting to reach entrepreneurial women!


"The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know"

Launching May 2020...


Just in time for Mother's Day!

There are many topics available for coaches wanting to reach women and moms!



Imagine being able to introduce yourself and be introduced as a best-selling author and/or as the featured expert in a best-selling book for the rest of your life.


A best-selling book gives you immediate “expert” status, can exploding your visibility and help get you more clients!

I make it so quick and easy - 1 writing clinic and 30 minutes with me and you are DONE ! 



Just IMAGINE the bragging rights...


Are you already a best seller?  Awesome!   Me too!  In fact, many of the contributors in these books are ALREADY best selling authors?  So why are they joining THIS program?


This is a great opportunity for you!  I'll teach you how to grow your list, increase your visibility, and capitalize on the publicity to help you leverage your book to make money

We'll meet for:

A1 hour Writing Clinic to get your 3000 word contribution done
A 1 hour Q & A Group Session to answer any questions about the book
A 30 minute 1:1 session with me to get it polished and perfected

and you are DONE !


  • the book is a guaranteed Amazon best seller

  • You are the only expert in your topic (first come, first served)

  • Grow your list by offering the book for FREE as a lead magnet (everybody opts in for a FREE best-selling book) for 5 days - plus 30 days of "wait list" time !

  • I will give you the ”best seller” and the book graphics to place on your website, social media posts, for emails, for ads, etc

  • You'll have your email at the beginning of your contribution and your own clickable link in the online book to drive traffic to any site you choose - sales page, to schedule a call or give them a freebie and capture their email 

  • The best-selling book will be out there as long as Amazon is out there.......could be forever 😉 giving you ongoing promotion, publicity and exposure!

Plus these juicy bonuses...

  • Extra Promotion Time to Grow Your List!

    get an extra 7 days  to promote your book for .99 cents immediately after the  5 day FREE promotion

  • Extra Extra Promotion Time Months Later !

    5 extra days to promote your book for FREE several months later!  That's another opportunity for visibility, to get leads, to post all over social media, and, of course to get sales!

More Amazing Bonuses Offered........

  • 1 Hour Business Training on Pre-promotion, Launch and Post - Promotion

    Bragging rights are great - but this training will cover the aspects of leveraging your book to gather emails and sales and how to use the book for visibility opportunities

  • Pre, Launch and Post Launch Email Swipe

    Plug and play email swipe to copy, personalize and paste into your email system so you are ready to go in minutes! 

  • Visibility Opportunities

    You'll be handed opportunities to be interviewed on Summits, Podcasts, YouTube Shows, and featured on Blogs.  I've done the legwork...the hosts know you'll be calling! You'll be given the information you need to schedule your appointment!

  • PR Bonus

    A Press Release for the book will be published on Google News and syndicated to over 100+ additional news sites including ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. --- which will allow you to use the ABC, CBS, and NBC logos in your own marketing!

  • Logo Swipe File

    You will receive all of the "As Seen On" logos to quickly add to all of your marketing material

  • Social Media Graphics Swipe File

    Social Media Graphics Including the book image ready to be duplicated and personalized in a variety of ways for use over and over again for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram Accounts and your Facebook Cover

  • Business Training - Get Booked on Podcasts

    Yes, I will give you podcasts that you can get booked on...but this training delivered by top Media Visibility Expert will teach you how to make yourself attractive to podcasters so you can leverage their platform for visibility 

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